You may live in an apartment for many years before you own your own home, and it’s important to plan ahead before you apply for a mortgage and begin the house hunting journey. Did you know your apartment life can help you prepare to own a home?

There are a variety of simple things you can do while renting a Seattle apartment that can help you get approved for a mortgage, find a terrific house, and enjoy owning your own home for many years. Here are a few of those tasks.

Speak with Friends & Family About Buying a Home living in seattle

There’s a good chance you know at least one person who owns a home, and you might know a few different friends who have recently purchased a house. These friends are an invaluable source of information for your home search, and you can ask them several questions that will help you design an efficient and successful home search of your own.

Here are a few items you might consider asking friends:

  1. What might you do differently if you buy another house?
  2. How many houses did you tour?
  3. Did you work with a real estate agent?
  4. How long did it take you to buy a home after you began looking?

Even if your friends or family members bought a house a decade ago, their wisdom about the process can still help you design your own successful house hunt.

Maintain Your Apartment in Seattle as If You Own It

The best way to experience home ownership is to live in your apartment as if you own the residence and that any damage that occurs or emergencies that happen require a decision from you rather than your management team. Even if you call the 24/7 assistance for your Seattle apartment community when you have a legitimate emergency, you may find it helpful to do a little research on the situation as far as how you might eventually handle the same situation in your house.

For example, you might experience a plumbing emergency at one point and require the assistance of a plumber. As an apartment dweller, you might only need to give the office or your maintenance crew a call. As a homeowner, you would probably need to locate a plumber on your own and make sure the professional you decided to call was experienced and affordable.

Home maintenance and the responsibilities that come with owning a home tend to cost money that you wouldn’t normally spend in an apartment. Understanding the costs you might need to deal with in a house before you actually have to have the money on hand can help you create an accurate budget before you buy a house.

Begin Keeping a Detailed Budget

You probably have an idea about how much money you spend each month, and you likely have all the numbers in your head for bills like rent, your cell phone, and your car payment. If you’re not already writing these and other costs down each month in a budget, it’s important to start doing so while you’re still living in an apartment.

The easiest way to experience financial problems is to forget about budgeting each month and try to keep everything in your head. Unless you have an exceptional memory and aptitude for numbers, you’ll want to keep a written record of your expenses each month. Even if you’re confident you can keep every bill in your head, you may find it helpful to write everything down to get a full and accurate picture of your ability to afford a house and everything that comes with it.

Remember: Getting a mortgage means showcasing excellent financial responsibility. Keeping a budget is your first step to living in a home of your own.

Enjoy Life at City North Seattle

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