Frugal Tips for Living in Your North Seattle Apartment

Living in a Seattle apartment can provide many benefits that range from the convenience of many luxurious amenities to a less expensive monthly budget. However, it’s easy to spend too much money each month when you don’t pay close attention to budgeting and engage in costly behaviors.

Fortunately, it’s easy to adopt frugal habits that can save you hundreds each month even if you have a few expensive habits or hobbies that you’d like to retain. Here are a few frugal tips for living responsibly in your Seattle apartment.

Get a Receipt for Everything

Those little purchases we all make each month that don’t seem to matter too much can actually represent a fairly impressive amount of spending when you add up all those three, four, and five-dollar receipts at the end of the month.

While you might know how much you spend, overall, on your morning coffee trips, you might not realize how many other small purchases you make over the course of the month. Simply keeping track of them for the month can make it easier to say, “no” to unnecessary shopping, as well as help you track money you spend each month that isn’t presented to you in an easy format like a monthly statement.

Tip: Try to get as many electronic or emailed receipts as possible. Paper receipts represent a significant waste of paper, particularly if you’re just getting the receipts as a way to track your spending. Sign up for emailed receipts where you can, and have them all sent to the same email address that you can access a few times a month for budgeting purposes.

Shop Seasonally and LocallyShop Seasonally and Locally

Not only can a shopping habit that includes local and small businesses help your North Seattle community’s economic health, but it can also help you spend less money on food each year. Rather than buying fruit that’s out-of-season in the United States or your region, try purchasing local produce that hasn’t been flown, shipped, or driven thousands of miles from its point of origin.

The farmer’s markets that appear each summer around Seattle are an excellent option for finding local produce that’s from nearby growers, independent sellers, and growing operations that are domestic and in-season. Plus, those purchases are usually less expensive that buying out-of-season produce that comes from half a world away.

Tip: Perform an internet search for local growers. In addition to finding local North Seattle sellers at the farmer’s markets near you, those small family farms may even offer “pick your own” options to the public on their property, as well as offer produce at select grocery stores, which means you might not have to wait for the farmer’s market to buy what you need for dinner.

Enjoy the Good Life at City North Seattle

Finding a balance between a comfortable or luxurious lifestyle and frugal living habits can prove to be a challenging experience; however, adopting just a few frugal habits can help you enjoy the little luxuries in life that you enjoy without worrying about your budget. We think life at City North Seattle helps our residents find that ideal balance between a fun lifestyle and a frugal existence.

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