cooking tips for your seattle apartment kitchen

Families today often congregate around the kitchen, and it’s common for kids to arrive home and head straight to the kitchen for snacks and food after school. It’s also the place where couples come together after a day at work to converse and start making the evening meal. Unfortunately, the joy of spending time with friends and family may erode in a kitchen where it feels like everything takes forever to prepare and where there is always a mess or clutter on the counter.

Cook for the Future

After a long day at work or a punishing day at school, spending a few extra hours in the kitchen cooking something healthy and hearty may sound like torture. It’s easy to give in to fatigue and order out for pizza or Chinese food delivery, but that decision can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and an increasing waistline.

Preparing a few meals in advance at the start of the week can help you reduce the time spent in the kitchen when you’re tired, and you’ve had a busy week. You have a few options for cooking ahead, and you might try both to see which you prefer.

  1. Cook several meals at once and store them for the week. With this option, you might make four or five individual meals that you can eat throughout the week. These meals might be consumed during lunch while you’re at work or at school, or they might be eaten when you get home each night.


  1. Cook an extra large batch of one meal and eat it a few times during the week. If you don’t mind eating the same thing for several weeknights in a row, this option can save you the most time. Make an extra large batch of pasta and chicken on the weekend and then reheat it a few times during the week. Pasta stores very well and is easily consumed hot or cold during the week.

You may wish to explore foods that are easily reheated in a microwave, but preparing in advance some meals that will need to go into the oven can also help you spend less time in the kitchen. All you’ll need to do is put the prepared dish in the oven and wait for it to cook. You won’t have to deal with a pile of dirty dishes and a half-an-hour spent stirring, mixing, and preparing your meal.

Buy a Toaster Ovenbuy a toaster oven seattle apartment

If you live in a nice apartment in Seattle, your kitchen probably already has a stove and oven, and you may even have a microwave. However, firing up the oven to cook a small meal can take a while, particularly if you have to wait for the oven to reach the right temperature for cooking.

If you frequently cook small meals and enjoy foods that fare best when they’re placed in the oven rather than the microwave, a toaster oven might be the perfect way to create those delicious snacks and meals without the sogginess of the microwave and the extra time required with the traditional oven.

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