new seattle apartments

Does your apartment feel cramped and crowded, even though you make an effort to keep things organized? Do you no longer enjoy coming home after work because being in your apartment makes you feel stressed? Has your work or school commute become a huge drain on your day?

You might need to consider moving to a new apartment in Seattle. Even if you like your current residence in some ways, a new home could help reduce stress in your life, and help you enjoy each day a little more. Here are three problems that may indicate it’s time to start looking for a new Seattle apartment.

You Dread Your Daily Commuteseattle shopping

Commutes come in all shapes and sizes from bicycle commutes that take about a half an hour, each way, to automobile commutes that take more than an hour in the morning and another hour at night. Sometimes, the cost of a huge commute is worth it. You might own a home in the suburbs with a huge lawn and space for miles.

However, if you don’t own a house, and you’re paying rent each month, your commute could eventually begin to feel almost intolerable. The forty-five minutes you spend in the car in the morning could make you begin to resent your apartment, even if your residence offers a variety of amenities designed to help you relax, such as a pool, gym, and open space.

If you “love” your job and only “like” your apartment, you might want to start considering a move to a new Seattle apartment. If you’re not particularly enthusiastic about your job, but you love your apartment, it might make more sense to find a new job instead, so you can remain in your beloved home and not have to put up with a beastly commute each day.

Your Dorm-Like Apartment Isn’t Enough Anymore

You can save a ridiculous amount of money by living in a bare-bones style apartment where you’re offered no more than the basics for comforts. During your first few years of employment, or while you’re dealing with an entry-level salary, saving money on an apartment is often a necessary part of good budgeting.

At a certain point, you might feel that your basic apartment is missing something, and that you’re ready to experience something a little better in residential comforts. Just a few basic improvements could add up to a big difference in your overall enjoyment of your home. Covered parking, an on-site gym, or more room might not cost you that much more in rent, but they could help you enjoy some modest comforts in life.

Even if your Seattle apartment isn’t as basic as a real dorm room, it’s still worth touring a few other apartment communities that offer additional comforts or bigger floor plans. Imagine switching from a bachelor-style apartment to a one-bedroom where entertaining wouldn’t mean offering your guests a seat on your bed.

You’re Moving In with a Significant Other

Moving in with your significant other is a fun part of the growth and development of a relationship, but it can cause problems when neither of you has an apartment that’s suitable for two people. A one-bedroom or studio might be tolerable in the short run, but a small apartment could cause some problems in the future.

If you haven’t yet moved in with one another, it might be time to have a conversation about space and moving into a new apartment. Even if you decide that one of your current apartments is suitable, it’s still a good idea to investigate other residential opportunities.

Enjoy a New Life at City North Seattle

We know it’s tough to choose an apartment and that you might feel as though you’ll never find the “perfect” home. We’d like to welcome you on a tour of City North Seattle. We’ll put together a personalized visit just for you to show you everything our community has to offer you and your family.