North Seattle Weather

The temperate and moist climate of North Seattle means it’s a rare event when residents must put up with bitterly cold temperatures or hot, scorching summer days. Although a heat wave or two might roll through the region each year and a snowstorm might hit the area in the winter, these occurrences aren’t constant, and the average high temperatures tend to sit between 49 and 76 degrees throughout the year.

According to Current Results, the Seattle area only has an average of two days a year where temperatures reach more than 90 degrees. The nights are also comfortable and cool throughout the year with the low temperature at night rarely rising above 60 degrees. The mild temperatures often mean that residents don’t need to spend money on air conditioning and heating costs for certain portions of the year.

Overall, Seattle has an excellent climate for anyone who doesn’t like to deal with the extremes of weather, as well as anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a closet full of clothes meant for scorching summers and frigid winters. If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, here are some details about the weather you can expect while living in an apartment in the Pacific Northwest.

Does It Really Rain Constantly in Seattle?

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest has a reputation as a wet and rainy place, but according to U.S. Climate Data, the summer months bring many hours of sunshine and rain-free days each year. According to the site’s data on Seattle, Washington, rainfall totals average anywhere from 5 inches to 9 inches each month from June through August.

When compared to data from Miami, Florida, residents of that southern city receive anywhere from 13 to 17 days of rain each month from June through August. Comparatively, Seattle residents do enjoy quite a few sunny days during the warmest months of the year. Although rainfall totals do increase substantially in the winter, Seattle doesn’t always deserve its rainy reputation.

What Outdoor Activities are Popular in North Seattle?Kayaking is popular among Seattlites

Each corner of the United States is home to different popular sports and outdoor activities, and Seattle is no exception. Not only are residents enthusiastic fans of their professional sports teams, but they’re also fans of outdoor activities, too. Boating and Kayaking are available in many areas with the lakes and rivers that wind their way around Seattle, and fishing is also a popular pastime in waters like the Puget Sound with its local salmon runs.

Outside the water, activities like golf, hiking, tennis, and rock climbing are popular for much of the year, and Seattle also has a thriving skiing and snowboarding culture. The ski season tends to last from mid-November through March, and you can score a one-day lift ticket at most of the local resorts for around $60.

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