Cleaning Products for Seattle Apartment

Moving into a new apartment means rearranging your life in so many ways. You may need to adopt a new route to work, find different transportation to school, and make new purchases for your Seattle apartment.  If you’re moving into an apartment with more space than your old residence, you’ll probably need to make some purchases for new things.

However, purchasing new items can get a little expensive if you don’t plan right and buy things at the last minute. Fortunately, the mildest amount of planning can have a dramatic impact on the amount of money you must spend to set yourself up in your new place. Here are a few pieces of advice you can use before you move into your new Seattle apartment.

Figure Out What You Don’t Have

Unless you’re looking at a room full of your stuff, you might not realize that you already have an item, and you might accidentally buy it when you’re in the store looking for things for your new apartment. If you make a list before you depart to make your purchases, you can make sure that you don’t buy something by mistake and end up having doubles of items when you move into your new place.

It’s also helpful to avoid buying anything new that’s not completely necessary before you move into your new apartment. Remember that everything that you buy before you move is an item you’ll need to pack up and move. Creating a list of items you need to buy before you move and holding off on buying those items until you move can help you enjoy a less stressful move.

Prepare for the First Night in Your New Seattle Apartment

After the moving crew has departed your new apartment, or you’ve finished moving all your boxes on your own, you’ll get to enjoy the first night in your new apartment. One of the tasks many people forget is keeping a box of oft-used items on hand for the first day or two in your new apartment.

United Van Lines offers some sage advice on the “first night box” that you should have when you move:

“Before you start settle into your new space, you may want to do some cleaning and maintenance. Pack a basic cleaning kit including rags, surface cleaners, bleach, dish soap, gloves and trash bags to give your home a quick scrub down. You may also want to be prepared to hang pictures and perform basic household repairs by packing a toolbox with hanging hardware, a couple hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and a rechargeable drill.”

The items you pack for your first night box will likely be items you’ll use again at some point in your residency, so they’re not just one-time purchases. Remember to label your important first night box so that you can find it easily on moving day. Don’t spend hours searching through every box you packed.

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