Security is important whether you live in a grand, luxury home or you live in an apartment. Ensuring your Seattle apartment and its contents remain safe while you are away on vacation or are on a weekend trip not only reduces the likelihood someone will attempt to break into your apartment, but it also helps keep you safe while you’re at home and aren’t away on vacation.

Some apartment complexes in Seattle feature a variety of secure features like restricted access to the parking lot, interior entrances with locked exterior doors, and security teams that may patrol the property (in the case of very large apartment communities). When seeking a new apartment in Seattle, you’ll want to look for apartment complexes with some or all of these security features, but it’s also a good idea to take care of some security tasks inside your apartment on your own.

Consider a Security Camera

A security system installed thirty years ago might not have featured surveillance cameras, but today’s most basic systems almost always come with the option for security cameras. Fortunately, these systems are also wireless, which means installation is a breeze, and you don’t need to worry about ugly wires hanging down from the cameras. Pointing a camera at your front door, as well as at a few other rooms in your Seattle apartment can help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

One of the neatest features in these basic security systems is that you can use your smartphone to connect to the cameras and see what’s going on in real time. You can check on a pet while you’re away at work for the day as easily as you can take a look at your empty apartment while you’re traveling on your yearly summer vacation.

Tip: Remember to make sure your wireless internet is secured so that no one can hack your security system or cameras.

Get in the Habit of Locking the Door

If you move from a small town to a larger metropolitan area like Seattle, you might not be used to locking your door each night or when you’re away for a few hours. Simply keeping your door locked can act as a huge deterrent to thieves who might otherwise pass by your apartment without trying to enter when the door is locked.

Many thieves will not bother with burglarizing a particular home when the process would take too long. Locked doors, security systems, and other measures taken by the apartment dweller help prevent theft in Seattle communities.

Tip: Most apartment complexes will let you install an extra lock if you wish, and you may be able to request a stronger or sturdier lock on your apartment if you think one is warranted.

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