Parks Near Seattle Apartment

Will this be the first summer you spend in Seattle? Or, are you a native of Washington and just want to find some new and interesting experiences to enjoy in Seattle this summer? Wherever you live in Seattle, there are tons of ways to enjoy the summer in traditional and unique ways. Here are a few things to consider and remember this summer around your Seattle apartment.

Grab Ice Cream Around Your Seattle Apartment

Have you ever heard of “artisanal ice cream” during the summer? Apparently, Seattle is quite the venue for this sugary delight, and many local businesses have made a name for themselves by serving some of the best ice cream in the northwest.

Thrillist reveals:

“Given the lines outside Molly Moon’s, it’s pretty clear that even with Lick Pure Cream, Bluebird, Full Tilt, etc., doing their thing, Seattle’s still not tired of this delicious dessert. And that’s not to mention all our other frozen treats.”

Whether you want a giant bowl of ice cream or anything related to summer and treats, Seattle will give you tons of options that run from mainstream ice cream to specialty “artisanal” desserts.

Here are a Few Seattle “Don’ts” For your Upcoming Summer

According to The Seattle Times, there are a few mistakes new people make when they move to Seattle for the first time and experience their first summer in the city. The “Times” suggests you head to Mount Rainier for a weekday hike rather than hitting the trails along Interstate 90, which the paper describes as “overloved” and “overtrodden.”

“If your first Northwest hike is a trek to Snow Lake (for example) on a sunny summer weekend, you’ll be in an endless parade of city folk. Unless you really love your fellow humans, you might end up loathing the experience.”

A better option, according to the paper, is getting a day off from work during the week and heading to Mount Rainier with a sack lunch and some hiking shoes.

Visit One of the Lesser-Known Parks in Seattle

There are a few secluded parks in Seattle that are right in the middle of everything, and you may not have ever heard of them if you’re not from the area. For example, Clipper Vacations recommends that you check out Waterfall Garden Park.

“This secluded retreat is Seattle’s best-kept secret! A 22-foot waterfall in the heart of Pioneer Square, tucked behind Occidental Square Park on 2nd Ave. It’s the perfect spot to have lunch, read a book or relax to the sound of moving water and forget about the rest of the world for a while.”

You may also wish to explore the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, the Woodland Park Zoo, or the famous Burke-Gilman Trail. Seattle doesn’t actually have a lot of rain in the summer (contrary to popular belief), so many of these locations will offer an excellent chance to enjoy the sun and the summer in Seattle.

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