Moving into a new apartment brings new friends, new experiences, and the opportunity to create a home out of what might feel like any other Seattle apartment. Without furniture, decorations, and photographs, most apartments tend to feel the same, even if the community offers cool amenities and upgraded interior features.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to create a welcoming, homey atmosphere in your new apartment. Getting the most out of your Seattle apartment actually requires very little investment. However, the payoffs can feel terrific when you take a step back and look at the personal and happy interior you’ve created in your apartment.

Consider taking the following steps when you move into your new Seattle apartment.

Don’t Bother With Anonymous Hotel-Style Art

It’s easy to search the bargain bin at your local furnishings store to find inexpensive frames, pictures, and decorative objects, but these items don’t really add any personal value to your apartment home. Imagine the furnishings you might see in an average hotel room. Anonymous paintings of oceans and landscapes that look like they could have sprung from anywhere.

Resist the urge to purchase a cheap piece of art that might look more at home on on the wall of the nearest Holiday Inn. Instead, search online for a reproduction of a famous piece of art that you enjoy. Find a style of art that will nice on the wall of your apartment in Seattle.

Great art doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Find a beautiful poster reproduction of one of your favorite paintings and get a do-it-yourself frame for an inexpensive and beautiful addition to your home. Likewise, you can also find inexpensive reproductions of famous artistic objects like vases, statues, and similar decorative items.

Don’t Try to Fill Up Your Apartment Immediately

Your move will probably feel stressful. You may feel the need to fill your apartment with missing furniture and decorations as soon as possible. While it might feel good to get your decorations and furniture searching over with, you might end up spending more money than is necessary, and you might eventually realize you chose poorly in your shopping sprees.

Try to avoid going shopping for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for at least a month after you move into your new luxury Seattle apartment. While you’ll probably have to buy a few things here and there, don’t assume you need every stick of furniture available immediately. Take your time to find deals on furniture, or consider getting items secondhand through Craigslist or a local buying app before heading into Ethan Allen to drop a few grand on a new sofa.

Tip: Unpack absolutely everything before you buy any furniture or decorations that aren’t necessary for everyday life. Don’t try to decorate when you still have stacks of boxes in the corner. You might end up buying something that you already own!

Moving to City North Seattle

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