Quick Road Trips Near Your Seattle Apartment

If you were recently offered a new job in a different city, you’re probably looking at some hours (or days) spent searching for a new home. Or, if you have decided to move in with a significant other or roommate, you might also be looking for a new apartment in Seattle.

Whether you’re a Seattle native, and you’re looking for a new home that’s a little closer to work, or you’re new to Washington and will be living in Seattle for the first time, there are a variety of things you can do to make it more likely you’ll find the ideal new home.

Take a Ride Around Your New NeighborhoodSEATTLE BIKE RIDING

The beauty and amenities of your apartment complex will help you enjoy each day that you spend at home relaxing, entertaining friends, or just watching television with the family. However, the world around you is an important consideration, too, and getting to know your new neighborhood before it actually becomes your new neighborhood is a good idea.

If you’re moving quite a few miles into Seattle and you’re not familiar with venues like the grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations, you might want to do a little investigating. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a grocery store nearby where you can make last-minute purchases without hassle?
  • Can you find a gas station that’s on your way to work and not too far out of the way?
  • Are the places you’ll need to go regularly paired with suitably sized parking lots?
  • If you drive an electric car, are there vendors that offer EV parking?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself while exploring your new home. Think of the places you regularly visit from your current apartment and compare their convenience to the stores around your new Seattle apartment. Those everyday errands you have to do each week can get tedious if there aren’t any options for you to get them done quickly.

Imagine coming home from work and knowing that you need to head to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for tonight’s dinner. A grocery store that’s not too crowded, and that’s also convenient along your commute can save you an extraordinary amount of time. If you add up all the different errands you do and the time you can save with nearby amenities, you can greatly increase your free time.

Consider the Differences from Your Old Home

Not every move can represent an upgraded experience, but you can still reduce the stress of finding a new home by focusing on some of the positive aspects of your move. In an ideal world, a move means getting to live in a bigger home, moving in with a significant other or loved one, or moving close to a brand new job.

However, if your move might mean living further away from work or living in a smaller home, it’s even more important to choose your new apartment’s location with care.

For example, you might find that your new job is located in a pretty ritzy area. You very well might receive a salary that allows you to live right near your place of employment. If you’re not able to live close to work and must choose accommodations that come with a commute, it can help to focus on finding a place that can help you maximize your free time away from your job.

Put the following on your list “nice-to-have” items before you begin your apartment search in Seattle:

  1. Local opportunities to walk, hike, or engage in outdoor recreation.
  2. An abundance of conveniences like grocery stores and restaurants.
  3. Opportunities for new friends in a neighborhood with a healthy population.
  4. Sports clubs and other groups where you can engage in friendly competition.
  5. Options for engaging in your favorite pastime at a location that’s close.

Enjoy Life at City North SeattleWestwood-CityNorth-105

We hope you’re excited about moving to Seattle or that you’re looking forward to your new accommodations in our community. We think you’ll fit right in at City North Seattle, and we’ll arrange a personalized tour of our property, just for you. Get in touch with our staff today to set up an appointment and arrange for a visit.