Exploring New Development in North Seattle

As you explore options for your new home in Seattle, one region you might consider is North Seattle, which contains neighborhoods like Victory Heights, Olympic Hills, Chelsea, and Cedar Park. As with most major metropolitan areas, North Seattle has many small communities with new construction, expansion, and growth.

From parks to malls to new homes, construction in North Seattle, as well as its city center, is proceeding at a furious pace. For example, one recent article from Curbed Seattle reveals that at least 16 new high-rise projects are under development, under current construction, or nearing completion in the Seattle area.

If you head to Buzz Buzz Home, you’ll find that there are almost 300 homes currently under construction in the Seattle region with several of those homes slated to become condos, a handful destined to provide apartment living, and several existing as townhouse developments. As a growing and dynamic region, these new developments are necessary to sustain growth and provide housing for all residents of Seattle and its surrounding communities.

Seattle is a Hot Real Estate MarketSeattle has a Hot Real Estate Market

Various locales throughout the country are considered “hot” throughout the country, and Seattle has become a standout example of healthy real estate activity. According to an article from Fortune, home prices of single-family homes in Seattle have increased by almost 14% over the past year, which is more than twice what future homeowners experienced nationally.

One of the issues facing future homeowners in Seattle is the prospect of hour-long commutes stemming from a home purchase in Snohomish and Pierce Counties. While the average price of a single-family home in Seattle has soared to more than $725,000, home prices in less expensive counties have remained between approximately $310,000 and $455,000.

For many families, the choice then becomes one of living in an apartment close to the center of Seattle and a place of work or school or choosing a home that requires a lengthy commute each day. According to additional information shared by Fortune, high prices in Seattle for single-family homes have been fueled by a shortage of available homes to buy, which has allowed sellers to increase their asking prices.

Exploring Apartments in North Seattle

If your exploration of the Seattle region has led you to North Seattle as the site of your new apartment, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the small communities and neighborhoods that comprise the area. The northern suburbs of Seattle include Bothell, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lake Forest Park, and Kenmore. Within these suburbs are small neighborhoods and pockets of development and unique personas.

Some of the small neighborhoods you may wish to explore near City North Seattle include Windermere, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Ravenna, and the University District. Your exploration will begin just a few steps from the front door of your apartment and eventually take you to new parks, recreational venues, restaurants, and shopping.

Find an Excellent Seattle Apartment at City North Seattle

Living on the north side of Seattle might mean you’re a student at the University of Washington, or you might have a job offer in one of the area’s suburbs. If you’re looking for an updated and contemporary place to live in North Seattle, we invite you for a tour of City North Seattle. Get in touch today to arrange a visit.